An online art course in hand painted lettering applied to sign painting.

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We will teach you how-to paint letters with on-screen video demonstrations.

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This web site is a complete online art course in hand painted lettering applied to sign painting, vehicle lettering and gym floor graphics. We will teach you beginner to advanced techniques which encompasses basic brush control, the three original letter styles such as Gothic, Roman and Old English.
We will also teach you specialized sign painting techniques, and air brushing. Also the correct materials to use, tips and tricks with on-screen video demonstrations.

Available in downloadable Mpeg (Mp4) video format!

The Basic Letter Strokes Gothic Letters Buy This Video - Learn the Art of Hand Painted Lettering
Roman Lettering Old English Lettering
Hand Script Roman Numbers

Check out the sample video clip... with audio!
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This online art course, will enable you to develop extraordinary hand and eye coordination, color combinations, custom layouts and how to choose the correct letter styles allowing you to produce spectacular sign and vehicle graphics and lots more. There are amazing things that can be done with a brush which can't be matched by a computer. With our easy-to-follow on line art course, you too can paint like a pro.

In ancient societies, writing was a holy thing. After all, it was a way of changing sound into visual speech. That sounds magical, doesn't it. That is why the ancient peoples thought that writing must have been invented by the gods.
You can read more about the Evolution of lettering ...HERE!

This course teaches you how to paint letters by hand and create spectacular air brushed enhanced lettering, with blended multiple tones, shadows and outlines. These advanced applications in sign lettering are achieved by using what we call the "wet-on-wet" technique. The fine art of hand painted lettering has been around for hundreds of years.

This is a well respected trade and not many people can do this anymore since the invention of computers. With this specialize trade you can command top dollar for any job which calls for the specialized techniques you will learn here.

How to make a pattern for lettering how to paint shadows on letters Buy This Video - Learn how to layout signs and graphics
how to layout a sign how to add outlining to lettering
How to layout a sign Learn how to layout and design your sign

Check out the sample video clip... Learning Layout and Design!
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The sign painting and graphic arts industries are constantly changing. Few businesses can function efficiently, without the aid of skilled people trained in the art of hand painted lettering. These unusual skills are applied to commercial vehicle graphics, interior and exterior signs, walls, and billboards. Hand lettering is also applied to gymnasium floor graphics, located in many colleges, high schools and middle schools. Customized techniques are usually applied to race cars, boat-lettering, motorcycles and window graphics.
Draftsmen, Calligraphers, vinyl sign writers, graphic artists, and those who wish to enter the field of sign lettering, could benefit greatly from this unique, yet educational site.

lesson 1- airbushing dots learn how to airbrush metallic letters Buy This Video - learn the basic fundamentals of airbrushing and advanced techniques
learn how to airbrush  metallic outlines learn how to airbrush chrome letters
learn how to airbrush pictorials learn how to airbrush artwork

Click on image for sample video, with audio!


Why look for a job when you can start your own sign painting business today. But before you can achieve all of this you first must master the basics!
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Learn2paint signs! Acquire a skill that will last a lifetime.

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