Hand Painted Lettering - answers to frequently asked questions Hand Painted Lettering - answers to frequently asked questions Hand Painted Lettering - answers to frequently asked questions
Hand Painted Lettering - answers to frequently asked questions

FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on hand painted lettering


The Learn to Paint Signs Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ) is intended to answer the most common questions asked by visitors to this site. Please read before Emailing a problem or complaint.
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You may find answers to all of your questions here.
Last modified April 26, 2010

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The information in this FAQ;
  • Answer most of the questions commonly asked by visitors.
  • Give you a brief synopsis of what this site is about and how it will help you develop your own personal style of lettering.
  • Foundry of other sources in the graphics arts field.

This FAQ is under constant monthly revision.


Q1: How long does it take to learn this trade?

The time it takes depends upon YOU! If you follow the instructions and practice daily, you could learn the basics within one month and start making lots of money!

Q2: Can left-handed people learn this too?

Of course they can. My best friend was an excellent left-handed sign painter. Just exchange the positions of the hands as compare to a right handed person, such as myself and paint from right to left.

Q3: Block letters are boring; can I just skip to "Roman or Script" letters?

The answer is NO! You must learn the "Gothic" letter first. This style is the beginning of ALL other styles of lettering. It is over two thousand years old. All other styles are just variations of this one style of letter. Without the basic knowledge of shapes and letter strokes that this style will teach you, your lettering will not be consistent and uniform. How often have you seen odd shaped inconsistent lettering on hand painted signs?

Q4: I own a computerized vinyl machine. How can this course help me?

This course will help you understand legibility of lettering. All too often I will see a sign or truck lettering job done in vinyl with all lines of lettering, in the same style jammed into one space. This produces poor legibility. Lettering is all visual, If you can't read it, it serves no purpose. What makes a top quality job, is a layout with personality, style and a little bounce that comes from knowing the three basic styles that are taught here: GOTHIC, ROMAN and SCRIPT.

Q5: Where can I buy lettering brushes and paint?

Their are numerous art supply stores that carry lettering quills and paint. But here is my favorite.

SignMaking Supplies

Q6: Where can I find more online tutorials?

Letterhead.com has the best detailed tutorials I've found so far, but their are a few others too.

Here are a few links:

Q7: Can I buy this course on CD or DVD?

Yes. This product is available in both CD and DVD formats.

Q8: How safe is my credit card purchase?

Extremely safe. Paypal is one of the most secure credit card service on the internet today. use Paypal to purchased all kinds of products online, direct from your bank account!

Q9: Now that I can do lettering, how do I get my own customers?

Well the first way to get started is to start with your friends and family. Your friends will probably want a fancy name or graphic painted on their vehicle or know someone who wants their race car, pickup truck, van, sign or mailbox lettered with some fancy design they like or have seen somewhere. Next; get some business cards made. Even better, print out your own business cards online at iprint.com. or at vistaprint.com
There are probably thousands of places that has bulletin boards such as your local convenient stores, and banks to display your business cards. Hey! it works for me. I get about 25 customers a week, just from the bulletin boards displaying my cards. Most are from "word of mouth" or other satisfied customers.

Next you should go to your county court house to obtain a "trade name certificate" with your business name , if you are serious about getting into business.

Q10: How much should I charge my customers?

How much to charge a customer for a job depends upon the size and quality of the job. There are different price ranges for each section of the country. At a minimum you should charge about 45.00 per hour. But in order to gauge the going price in your area, just ask a local sign shop "how much does a job like this costs?"

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